JLB @ Hotel Chelsea 03.04.14

The Jed Luckless Band celebrates Fat Tuesday in Bohemia! JLB returns once again to the historic Secondlife music venue, Hotel Chelsea, lighting it up with a night of Mardi Gras fun! A great crowd brings great energy to the show, which includes many fun tunes, a few debuts and some tasty jams.

The first set kicks off with this winter’s big hit, “The Freeze” (which was good news for those playing in the JLB March Madness contest!). The Gutenplan tune “Englishtown,” which tells the story of Mark’s first Grateful Dead show, is paired nicely here with the Dylan tune “She Belongs To Me,” a rare cover not played often by the band. The Kaufman original “Saw Mill River” runs through the middle of the set, and the new-ish JLB original “Listen To The Angels” makes it’s second appearance. A nice Phish combo wraps up the set with “Rock And Roll” into “Suzy Greenberg.”

Second Set gets the bon temps roulet with “Dancing In The Streets” paired with “Iko Iko,” a debut cover for the band. The rest of the set is original heavy, including the nostalgic “FM Rock,” the middle eastern themed “Valley Of The Saints,” and the debut of a Jed Luckless original called “By and Bye.”

The show wraps up with another Dylan tune, the crowd pleaser “Mighty Quinn.” A pleaser of a show all around, with many fun moments, lots of cool jams and a Mardi Gras vibe throughout. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 03.04.14

-Set 1- (54:14)
01. The Freeze (06:42)
02. Englishtown > (09:33)
03. She Belongs To Me (06:52)
04. Saw Mill River (06:07)
05. Listen To The Angels (05:24)
06. Rock And Roll > (13:11)
07. Suzy Greenberg (06:22)

-Set 2- (42:19)
01. Dancing In The Streets > (11:16)
02. Iko Iko (05:52)
03. Queen Lucille (04:33)
04. FM Rock (02:58)
05. Valley Of The Saints (05:51)
06. By And Bye (05:19)
07. The Mighty Quinn (06:26)



JLB @ The Blarney Stone 02.20.14

The Jed Luckless Band returns to virtual Dublin and rocks The Blarney Stone with an evening of live rock & roll.

It’s a short show by JLB standards, due to some technical difficulties at Stramland studios, which luckily don’t show up on the tape. But it’s a show that packs a wallop, focusing on original material and extended jams.

First set is a “Saw Mill River” sandwich and features over forty minutes of original JLB music, including some nice exploratory jamming in “Sugar Pop” and “Victim Of The Rhythm.” An energetic “Ozone Blues” features some fun intro narration from Jed.

The second set opens with one of only two cover tunes in the show, the Trey Anastasio and Phish instrumental “First Tube” but then goes right back to JLB originals, with the live debut of a Jed Luckless original “Listen To The Angels,” followed by two more Jed-riginals. A nod to the Grateful Dead shows up with “Franklin’s Tower,” which features a nice long jam before wrapping up the show on a bluesy note with “Far Gone Blues.”

Another fun show at the Blarney with a packed house and a couple high energy sets from the JLB…enjoy! 🙂

Jed Luckless Band 02.20.14

-Set 1- (43:49)
01. Saw Mill River > (10:16)
02. The Freeze (05:12)
03. Ozone Blues (05:28)
04. Sugar Pop > (10:28)
05. Victim Of The Rhythm > (09:06)
06. SMR Reprise (03:16)

-Set 2- (39:14)
01. First Tube (06:40)
02. Listen To The Angels (05:10)
03. Still In Luv With U (04:36)
04. Celebrate Instead (07:45)
05. Franklin’s Tower > (10:11)
06. Far Gone Blues (04:49)


JLB @ Maxfield’s 01.25.14

The Jed Luckless Band makes their New Jersey debut at Maxfield’s in Boonton, NJ and welcomes the crowd who braved the elements with a hot and lengthy rock and roll show full of Dead, Phish, rock classics and original JLB tunes.

The show kicks off appropriately with “The Freeze” and heats up quickly with a “Rock And Roll” and “Dear Prudence” combination. The Grateful Dead’s “Loser” gets a nice mid-set treatment, and Phish heads are given their due with a “Ghost” and “Bouncing” twofer. The JLB original “Englishtown” goes over well in the Jersey locale, with a hot jam and “Rider” attached. Another steamy jam closes the second set between The Talking Head song “Cities” and the Luckless original “Sugar Pop.”

A sizzling “Shakedown Street” opens the second set, followed by a pair of JLB originals “STILWU” and “Road Trip.” The band lets loose on one of their favorite Phish pairings, “Sand” into “Dirt” and also delivers a potent jam in “Sneaking Sally.” The Jed-riginal “Far Gone Blues” makes a solid appearance and the band leaves everyone on a high note with the Dead’s “Deal.”

A hot show from JLB to warm you up on a cold winter night. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 01.25.14

-Set 1- (85:49)
01. The Freeze (06:00)
02. Brown Eyed Women (05:10)
03. Rock And Roll > (09:20)
04. Dear Prudence (05:36)
05. Victim Of The Rhythm (06:43)
06. Loser (08:16)
07. Ghost > (09:56)
08. Bouncing Around The Room (05:33)
09. Englishtown > (08:27)
10. I Know You Rider (05:28)
11. Cities > (09:38)
12. Sugar Pop (05:36)

-Set 2- (59:14)
01. Shakedown Street (15:13)
02. Still In Luv With U (04:17)
03. Road Trip (06:32)
04. Sand > (10:07)
05. Dirt (03:59)
06. Far Gone Blues (04:16)
07. Sneaking Sally Through The Alley > (08:07)
08. Deal (06:38)

JLB @ Maxfields 01.25.14

JLB @ The Bayou 01.11.14

The Jed Luckless Band kicks off 2014 at one of their favorite local venues, The Bayou in Mount Vernon, NY. As always it’s an evening full of good old fashioned rock and roll with a side of spicy jam.

First set features JLB originals “VOTR,” “Ozone Blues,” and a juicy version of “Englishtown” which finds it’s way into a rockin’ “Not Fade Away” cover with an honorary Bo Diddley theme. As usual, the Phish tune “Sand” makes a strong showing, and the always welcome Moe song “Happy Hour Hero” does as well.

Set two opens with a Phish and Dead special, the combination of “BOTT” and “Eyes” making for some sweet jams and an ultimate resolution into the poignant “Smile Forever.” The poignancy contiues with “Gumbo” which is dedicated to JLB’s mascot JoJo, and the set wraps up with a nice rendition of the Grateful Dead’s “Ripple.”

This was the band’s 11th appearance at The Bayou, where the fried chicken and tasty jams keep ’em coming back. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 01.11.14

-Set 1- (58:22)
01. Victim Of The Rhythm (06:58)
02. Happy Hour Hero (08:32)
03. Sand (09:00)
04. Englishtown > (08:03)
05. Not Fade Away (08:41)
06. Ozone Blues (04:32)
07. Jack Straw (06:31)
08. Character Zero (06:01)

-Set 2- (59:21)
01. Get Back On The Train > (09:10)
02. Eyes Of The World > (13:58)
03. Smile Forever (06:33)
04. Gumbo (05:17)
05. FM Rock > (02:24)
06. The Mighty Quinn (05:09)
07. Queen Lucille (05:20)
08. Suzy Greenberg (05:53)
09. Ripple (05:33)

JLB @ The Bayou 1.11.14

JLB @ Beach House Cafe 12.07.13

The Jed Luckless Band returns to one of their favorite cities, Greenwich, CT, and there are some good points, some bad points, but it all works out.

The show gets off to a rocky start with the Grateful Dead tune “Jack Straw” hampered by some equipment malfunctions and broken strings, but by the time they hit “Cities,” you can tell the band has come to jam. The Talking Heads cover gives way to a hot version of the JLB original “Sugar Pop” followed by a Bob Dylan dedication and jam into Phish’s “Sand.” The set closes out with the original “Road Trip.”

Second set blasts off with a rocking “Shakedown Street,” which is followed up with another Dead classic, “Franklin’s Tower,” serving as a Pearl Harbor day dedication. The Kenny Kaufman original “Saw Mill River” is included, paired interestingly with the Dead’s “Loser,” but lacking the typical SMR Reprise. The short set wraps up not long after midnight with “After Midnight.”

Despite the technical issues and guitar struggles, it’s a JLB show with some solid numbers and definitely a few places to get some thinking done. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 12.07.13

-Set 1- (64:20)
01. Jack Straw (09:27)
02. Rock And Roll > (09:21)
03. Cities > (12:32)
04. Sugar Pop (05:42)
05. Tangled Up In Blue > (08:16)
06. Sand > (10:43)
07. Road Trip (08:16)

-Set 2- (39:27)
01. Shakedown Street (12:36)
02. Franklin’s Tower > (09:57)
03. Saw Mill River > (05:49)
04. Loser (05:31)
05. After Midnight (05:33)


JLB @ Dudley’s 11.30.13

The Jed Luckless Band returns to Dudley’s Parkview in New Rochelle, NY with a lengthy show full of covers, original music and jams.

First set features several Grateful Dead tunes, and highlights of the set include the “Not Fade Away” jam (into the original “VOTR”) and the Dancin’ jam (into the original “Ozone Blues”).

Second set is a whopping 83 minutes of music, with great versions of moe’s “Happy Hour Hero” and Phish’s “Alaska.” Deadheads are not forgotten, with a juicy “Fire On The Mountain” coupled with the JLB original “Sugar Pop” and a show closing “Ramble On Rose.”

A fun post-Thanksgiving show with some nice nugs of jammage. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 11.30.13

-Set 1- (62:20)
01. Loser (09:09)
02. The Freeze (06:05)
03. Not Fade Away > (13:35)
04. Victim Of The Rhythm (07:02)
05. Celebrate Instead (07:38)
06. Dancing In The Streets > (12:29)
07. Ozone Blues (06:20)

-Set 2- (83:41)
01. Remember This Night > (08:03)
02. Bertha (06:23)
03. Happy Hour Hero (07:46)
04. Beat It On Down The Line (04:30)
05. Alaska > (11:47)
06. FM Rock (04:48)
07. Far Gone Blues (04:39)
08. Fire On The Mountain > (11:07)
09. Sugar Pop > (09:49)
10. Character Zero (06:20)
11. Ramble On Rose (08:25)


JLB @ Hotel Chelsea 11.12.13

The Jed Luckless Band returns to the virtual Hotel Chelsea after nearly a six month absence, bringing their unique brand of kinetic rock & roll to the bohemian venue.

It’s a Ken and Mark heavy show with some great extended jams, which kicks off with some Phish and then launches into the Kaufman tune “Saw Mill River,” which provides a triple decker sandwich with “Gumbo” and “The Freeze” filling and a powerful SMR Reprise. First set also features an extended jam on the Gutenplan penned “FM Rock,” and a birthday send out of “Ohio” to Neil Young.

Second set is just as long as first set, but is only six tunes, which tells you some good jams are ahead. It kicks off with the popular JLB pairing of Phish tunes “Sand” and “Dirt” with a nice long jam during and in between. The band gets improvisational with a jam out of the original “Englishtown” into the Grateful Dead covered “El Paso,” and wraps up the show with a twenty minute jam combo of covers with the Talking Heads “Cities” and Moe’s “Happy Hour Hero.”

Also included with the recording is a soundcheck jam from the same night….a night full of high energy rock and roll and great jams at a favorite virtual venue. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 11.12.13

-Set 1- (56:07)
01. Bouncing Around The Room (10:13)
02. Saw Mill River > (05:52)
03. Gumbo > (05:50)
04. The Freeze > (06:30)
05. SMR Reprise (05:56)
06. On 11-12-13 (00:36
07. FM Rock > (09:56)
08. Ohio (06:12)
09. Still In Luv With You (04:59)

-Set 2- (55:50)
01. Sand > (11:35)
02. Dirt (04:58)
03. Englishtown > (08:59)
04. El Paso (05:53)
05. Cities > (10:20)
06. Happy Hour Hero (09:52)
07. Soundcheck Jam (04:11)