JLB @ Founding Father’s Party 07.06.13

Although the JLB Spring Tour officially ended with the 6/22 show at Dudley’s, the boys got together one more time to celebrate the first half of the year before taking a break for the summer.

The scene was the First Annual Founding Father’s Party in Baldwin Place, NY, and it couldn’t have been much hotter, literally. The fellas rock through two energetic sets in the blazing heat, delivering as always a tasty mix of Dead, Phish, original music and improv jams.

“Shakedown Street” kicks off the party with a nice jam into the only JLB Original in the first set, “Queen Lucille.” Phish tour just kicked on this week, and the show features alot for the phans, inclduing a very nice “Bouncing,” and a jammed out “Rock and Roll” and “Alaska” combo in Set I.

The band braves the heat for a long second set featuring a “Franklin’s Tower” jam into an appropo “Ozone Blues”, a guest vocal sit by Mickey Glauber on “Suzy Greenberg,” a band fave pairing of “Sand > Dirt” and an awesome version of the JLB original “Victim of The Rhythm.”

A super hot show with a casual feel, a fun setlist and some great jams. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 07.06.13

-Set 1- (55:36)
01. Shakedown Street >                    (11:01)
02. Queen Lucille                    (05:06)
03. Ramble On Rose                    (06:18)
04. Bouncing Around The Room                (08:31)
05. Rock And Roll >                    (08:13)
06. Alaska >                        (09:21)
07. Bertha                        (07:02)

-Set 2- (76:01)
01. Franklin’s Tower >                    (11:10)
02. Ozone Blues                        (05:32)
03. Road Trip                        (06:12)
04. Sugaree                        (08:45)
05. Still In Luv With U                    (04:15)
06. Suzy Greenberg                    (04:47)
07. Sand >                        (08:29)
08. Dirt                        (04:55)
09. Gumbo >                        (04:54)
10. Victim Of The Rhythm                (11:00)
11. Dear Prudence                    (05:56)