About The Band

Jed Luckless (Guitar, Vocals)

Jed Luckless is a Grateful Dead and Phish inspired musician who performs in the NYC area and streams his shows online. His improvisational style has earned him the nickname Jammin’ Jed. Jed grew up in Westchester County, NY, where he first picked up a guitar at age 12, inspired heavily by exposure to his hard rock guitar idols of the time, such as Jimmy Page, Joe Perry and Angus Young. Jed got his first taste of performing at a high school talent show and after college formed his first band, GuRGLe, which played for several years in and around the NY area. The band’s other members later founded Star ’69, a Grateful Dead tribute band, which Jed still plays with.

In 2009, Jed launched his weekly online show in Secondlife, a virtual world with a thriving live music scene, and a year later Jed began simulcasting video of his shows on Ustream. Between Secondlife and Ustream, Jed’s crowd on a weekly basis averages 30-40 people. His fanbase across Facebook, Twitter and Secondlife has grown to over 1500 followers. In 2010, Jed released his self-produced album of original songs titled “All At Once,” which received very positive reviews from fans. Since then, Jed has been hard at work finding the right group of fellow rockers to take the tunes live…read on to hear about them!

Kenny Kaufman (Bass, Vocals)

A drummer & guitarist at heart, the “K man” married the two & decided to focus on the bass in the early 90’s. Raised on the music of the late 60’s & 70’s, Kenny has been in a number of projects over the years from the prog/rock of Scatterbrain and the original punk of Judy Junk in his college days, to the local Dead tribute band The DooDah Men, the classic rock of C.C. & Company, the original jam band Abandon Fire, and most recently an Allman tribute band called “Scuttlebutt.”

His own CD of original material is titled “Full Circle” and demonstrates Kenny’s aggressive bass style, influenced by the likes of Allen Woody, Lesh, McCartney, Entwistle, Squire & Sting. Kenny plays a five string Warrior bass, & a fretless Sukop 5 string when unplugged. He plays direct in to an Ampeg SVT tube amp, keeping it simple & real.

Eric Stramiello (Drums)

Stram was raised in Pelham, NY from the age of three, where he learned how to operate his parent’s record player and got early exposure to the albums in their collection including Sgt. Pepper’s, Let It Bleed and Tommy. There was one record in particular that changed Stram’s life forever, and would stay with him in good times and bad: Led Zeppelin I with John Bonham. Drums became his instrument and he never looked back.

The first drum came at eight years old, along with snare drum lessons in elementary school. Stram later graduated to a full kit at age twelve and began studying with multiple teachers. Stram’s early influences included Bonham, Peart, Bruford, Cobham and Bozzio, but over the years he’s developed a unique style that he’s brought to various various groups. Stram currently resides in New Rochelle, NY with his wife Michele and two sons. When not playing with the kids, he plays Tama Drums, Roland Drums, and Zildjian Cymbals.

Mark Gutenplan (Keyboards, Vocals)

Mark is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with a wide repertoire and a long list of credits. He can be seen playing bass, guitar and
keyboards around the Westchester and Fairfield County music scene in various acts, including Rusty Chicken, Fat Chance and The Stone Hill Rockers.

Amazingly, Mark still finds time to write and produce his own music. In 2002, he released the EP “Green Rolling Meadow,” featuring all original music. This was followed up with a second album of original cuts in 2007, with “The Rally.” Being a guitarist, bassist and key player, you can imagine how varied Mark’s musical influences are. He listens to and plays everything from reggae to rock, from jazz to classical, and even some bluegrass for good measure. As Mark likes to say, “So much music, so little time!!”