JLB @ Beach House Cafe 10.12.13

After a long summer break, The Jed Luckless Band kicked off their 2013 Fall Tour with a return the to Beach House Cafe in Greenwich, CT. It was the band’s 42nd show together, and to celebrate this auspicious occasion, the JLB boys did something special and busted out two full sets of Grateful Dead!

From the first moment of the “Bertha” opener, the crowd was on their feet, and the energy is high throughout first set, including a potent “Shakedown Street” with jam into a crowd pleasing “Dear Prudence.” A powerful triple play combination of “Dancing In The Streets,” “Eyes” and “NFA” closes the set with a solid 30 minute stretch of jams.

The shorter second set delivers some great songs, including “Brown Eyed Women,” “Ramble On Rose” and “El Paso.” A mid-set “Fire On The Mountain” jam is a highlight, paired with a dynamic “Sugaree.” A “Franklin’s Tower” and “US Blues” twofer wraps up the festivities.

A fun one for the Deadheads as a rare occasion to hear a full Grateful Dead setlist from JLB, but chock full of great jams for all. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 10.12.13

-Set 1- (70:47)
01. Bertha (06:55)
02. Shakedown Street > (11:17)
03. Dear Prudence (07:21)
04. Deal (06:24)
05. Loser (07:30)
06. Dancing In The Streets > (09:45)
07. Eyes Of The World > (13:04)
08. Not Fade Away (08:28)

-Set 2- (53:34)
01. Brown Eyed Women (05:09)
02. Ramble On Rose (06:44)
03. Fire On The Mountain > (13:53)
04. Sugaree (09:51)
05. El Paso (04:53)
06. Franklin’s Tower > (07:16)
07. U.S. Blues (05:45)