JLB @ Beach House Cafe 12.07.13

The Jed Luckless Band returns to one of their favorite cities, Greenwich, CT, and there are some good points, some bad points, but it all works out.

The show gets off to a rocky start with the Grateful Dead tune “Jack Straw” hampered by some equipment malfunctions and broken strings, but by the time they hit “Cities,” you can tell the band has come to jam. The Talking Heads cover gives way to a hot version of the JLB original “Sugar Pop” followed by a Bob Dylan dedication and jam into Phish’s “Sand.” The set closes out with the original “Road Trip.”

Second set blasts off with a rocking “Shakedown Street,” which is followed up with another Dead classic, “Franklin’s Tower,” serving as a Pearl Harbor day dedication. The Kenny Kaufman original “Saw Mill River” is included, paired interestingly with the Dead’s “Loser,” but lacking the typical SMR Reprise. The short set wraps up not long after midnight with “After Midnight.”

Despite the technical issues and guitar struggles, it’s a JLB show with some solid numbers and definitely a few places to get some thinking done. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 12.07.13

-Set 1- (64:20)
01. Jack Straw (09:27)
02. Rock And Roll > (09:21)
03. Cities > (12:32)
04. Sugar Pop (05:42)
05. Tangled Up In Blue > (08:16)
06. Sand > (10:43)
07. Road Trip (08:16)

-Set 2- (39:27)
01. Shakedown Street (12:36)
02. Franklin’s Tower > (09:57)
03. Saw Mill River > (05:49)
04. Loser (05:31)
05. After Midnight (05:33)