JLB @ The Blarney Stone 10.24.13

The Jed Luckless Band continues their 2013 Fall Tour with a virtual show at The Blarney Stone in Secondlife. It was the band’s first time back in their home studio in many months and you can tell the boys are comfortable and having a super fun time.

First set starts off with the JLB original “Ozone Blues” and a bit of narration from Jed about the futuristic story. It takes a few tunes for the band to align fully, but by the mid-set cover of Phish’s “Ocelot” the grooves heat up and the jams emerge. The Palmer tune “Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley” also features some nice jamming, and the Gutenplan original “FM Rock” gives a nod to the Yes rock classic “Starship Trooper.” A debut cover of “Beat It On Down The Line” wraps up the set of eight songs.

Second set is longer but with only six songs it’s chock full of jammy goodness. Starting off with the VU tune “Rock And Roll,” followed by a nice string of tunes featuring two JLB originals “Victim of the Rhythym” and “Smile Forever,” with a “Gumbo” sandwich in between. A Halloween incarnation of Phish’s “Ghost” makes a powerful appearance, and a “Ripple” debut Dead cover wraps up the show.

A “super fun” show as the drummer puts it, and one full of jams you are sure to enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 10.24.13

-Set 1- (48:49)
01. Ozone Blues (05:07)
02. Bouncing Around The Room (07:06)
03. Queen Lucille (04:52)
04. Ocelot (10:50)
05. Geneva Sue (04:11)
06. FM Rock (05:25)
07. Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley (07:29)
08. Beat It On Down The Line (03:46)

-Set 2- (51:31)
01. Rock And Roll (11:06)
02. Victim Of The Rhythm > (12:21)
03. Gumbo > (04:41)
04. Smile Forever (06:30)
05. Ghost (11:53)
06. Ripple (04:57)