JLB @ The Bayou 10.25.13

As Jed put it, “nothing beats rock and roll and fried chicken” and JLB’s 10/25 show at The Bayou in Mount Vernon, NY delivered plenty of both!

Coming off a jammy show on 10/24 at THe Blarney, JLB seems to be more song oriented at The Bayou, with a first set chock full of originals, including SILWU, “Far Gone Blues” and “Road Trip.” There are some nice jams here too, including one in “Cities” which was sadly aborted due to a broken string.

Second set starts off with the newer addition to the repertoire, “Dancing In The Streets,” which provides a nice transition to a funky “Sand” with traditional JLB companion “Dirt.” The Kaufman tune “Saw Mill River” provides the sandwich for the Luckless tune “The Freeze” and a powerful “Character Zero” and requisite closing “After Midnight” round out the set.

Another great JLB show at The Bayou after a long break…good to have the boys back in town and rocking again! Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 10.25.13

-Set 1- (49:16)
01. Still In Luv With U (04:28)
02. Cities (11:18)
03. Far Gone Blues (04:56)
04. Alaska > (09:10)
05. Bertha (06:10)
06. Road Trip (07:08)
07. Sugar Pop (06:03)

-Set 2- (55:15)
01. Dancing In The Streets > (09:12)
02. Sand > (12:04)
03. Dirt (03:43)
04. Saw Mill River > (04:00)
05. The Freeze > (04:43)
06. SMR Reprise (01:29)
07. Loser (07:50)
08. Character Zero (07:21)
09. After Midnight (04:50)