JLB @ Hotel Chelsea 11.12.13

The Jed Luckless Band returns to the virtual Hotel Chelsea after nearly a six month absence, bringing their unique brand of kinetic rock & roll to the bohemian venue.

It’s a Ken and Mark heavy show with some great extended jams, which kicks off with some Phish and then launches into the Kaufman tune “Saw Mill River,” which provides a triple decker sandwich with “Gumbo” and “The Freeze” filling and a powerful SMR Reprise. First set also features an extended jam on the Gutenplan penned “FM Rock,” and a birthday send out of “Ohio” to Neil Young.

Second set is just as long as first set, but is only six tunes, which tells you some good jams are ahead. It kicks off with the popular JLB pairing of Phish tunes “Sand” and “Dirt” with a nice long jam during and in between. The band gets improvisational with a jam out of the original “Englishtown” into the Grateful Dead covered “El Paso,” and wraps up the show with a twenty minute jam combo of covers with the Talking Heads “Cities” and Moe’s “Happy Hour Hero.”

Also included with the recording is a soundcheck jam from the same night….a night full of high energy rock and roll and great jams at a favorite virtual venue. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 11.12.13

-Set 1- (56:07)
01. Bouncing Around The Room (10:13)
02. Saw Mill River > (05:52)
03. Gumbo > (05:50)
04. The Freeze > (06:30)
05. SMR Reprise (05:56)
06. On 11-12-13 (00:36
07. FM Rock > (09:56)
08. Ohio (06:12)
09. Still In Luv With You (04:59)

-Set 2- (55:50)
01. Sand > (11:35)
02. Dirt (04:58)
03. Englishtown > (08:59)
04. El Paso (05:53)
05. Cities > (10:20)
06. Happy Hour Hero (09:52)
07. Soundcheck Jam (04:11)