JLB @ Beach House Cafe 12.05.14

It seems like every time The Jed Luckless Band visits the Beach House, they run into a rainstorm. But the band always brings their own sunshine and lights up the joint with high energy rock & roll! This time out is no different, and JLB delivers a tasty show to the die hard fans and friends who braved the storm to come.

Set I opens with a particularly apt choice, the JLB original “The Freeze,” a tune written for December. Their original flag planted firm, the band quickly moves into a cover heavy set, launching into a hefty twelve minute Shakedown and including another three Grateful Dead tunes. Special guest “Edgemont Mike” joins on guitar for Ramble On Rose, as well as the JLB original “Englishtown” where he adds a nice Deady sound to the jam into “Rider.” A fun “Sneakin Sally” wraps up the first half.

Set II is considerably shorter, and focuses entirely on JLB originals. A mellow version of the Gutenplan penned “Road Trip” starts the set off, followed by the Luckless tune “Sugar Pop” with a nice spacey jam portion. But the highlight of the set is the nearly twenty minute “Saw Mill River” and “Far Gone Blues” combination, which splits the Kenny Kaufman original in half, inserting the blues rocker and an amazing progressive type jam driven by Eric Stramiello on the drums. A slowed down version of “STILWU” wraps up the show.

Another fun, rainy night in Greenwich, CT with the JLB and gang. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 12.05.14

-Set 1- (70:15)
01. The Freeze (06:08)
02. Shakedown Street (12:04)
03. Sand > (11:48)
04. Loser (08:01)
05. Ozone Blues (05:16)
06. Englishtown > (07:07)
07. I Know You Rider (05:31)
08. Ramble On Rose (07:40)
09. Sneakin Sally Through The Alley (06:35)

-Set 2- (39:00)
01. Road Trip (08:13)
02. Sugar Pop (06:28)
03. Saw Mill River > (07:41)
04. Far Gone Blues > (05:41)
05. SMR Reprise (06:47)
06. Still In Luv With U (04:48)


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