JLB @ DarkStar 05.24.16

After a long hiatus, the Jed Luckless Band finally returns to the stage with a new JLB 2.0 lineup! The last show the band played was over a year and half ago so it’s great to have JLB back! And back they went to where it all began at Darkstar in Secondlife.

Unfortunately, the bass player Kenny Kaufman could not make the show at the last minute, but as usual JLB trucked on in style, with veteran band member Mark Gutenplan playing bass, keys and guitar throughout the show. And of course with the introduction of Pete Martine on drums, the band’s newest member, already laying down great beats on the virtual kit. Despite missing a member and still working out the kinks of a new virtual venue, JLB 2.0 pulls off a fun show filled with classic originals, rockin’ cover tunes and a couple nice improv jams.

The first set kicks off strongly with a jammy three tune run featuring “Victim Of The Rhythm,” “Englishtown” and the Beatles song “Dear Prudence.” The theatrical “Ozone Blues” is featured mid-set, followed by a cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Brown Eyed Women” which suffers from the lack of K-Man on vocals. The Jed instrumental “Valley Of The Saints” follows, but again msised something without the bass to drive it. The set wraps up with a JLB debut, the Phish song “Wolfman’s Brother,” which features a solid jam (although the studio levels peak out a bit on the recording).

Second set opens with an “acoustic” portion featuring the Luckless original “Far Gone Blues,” Gutenplan’s “Remember This Night” and a Bob Dylan birthday tribute of “She Belongs To Me.” A favorite JLB Phish pairing comes next with “Sand” and “Dirt” with one of the night’s highlights, a drum solo from Pete, sandwiched in between. The evening concludes with a couple of classic JLB originals.

All in all and in the face of some adversity, the band puts together a fun show and it’s a great preview of what’s to come for JLB 2.0! Enjoy 🙂

Jed Luckless Band 05.24.16


-Set 1- (47:30)
01. Intro (01:18)
02. Victim Of The Rhythm > (09:09)
03. Englishtown > (06:08)
04. Dear Prudence (06:18)
05. Ozone Blues (04:47)
06. Brown Eyed Women (04:21)
07. Valley Of The Saints (04:31)
08. Wolfman’s Brother (10:58)

-Set 2- (45:26)
01. Far Gone Blues (04:21)
02. She Belongs To Me (08:06)
03. Remember This Night (08:55)
04. Sand > (10:54)
05. Dirt (03:46)
06. Queen Lucille (03:45)
07. Still In Luv With U (05:39)

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