JLB @ The Bayou 09.26.14

The Jed Luckless Band returns to the Bayou, delivering a night of spicy jams and sizzling rock & roll to a crowd of old friends and new at one of their favorite venues.

The show starts off strong with the Phish classic “Bouncing Around The Room.” Unfortunately, the main recording of this was lost, so an audience version has been spliced here to maintain the setlist…the sound gets ALOT better on the second song, the original JLB tune “Sugar Pop.”

With the band warmed up, the first set starts to get jammy, with a nice version of the VU tune “Rock And Roll” paired with the Jed Luckless song “Still in Luv With U.” The set also features extended jams on the GRateful Dead’s “Eyes of the World” and Trey Anastasio’s “Sand,” also paired with Jed originals.

A shorter second set makes for fewer jams, but the set is highlighted by an impressive three tune run starting with “Englishtown,” the Mark Gutenplan tune which is fast becoming a standard JLB jam vehicle, and leading into “Not Fade Away” and “Victim of the Rhythm.”

This is a super fun show on JLB’s “home turf” with a nice mix of jams, covers and original music. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 09.26.14

-Set 1- (72:49)
01. Bouncing Around The Room (07:40)
02. Sugar Pop (04:51)
03. Rock And Roll > (09:21)
04. Still In Luv With U (04:31)
05. Ghost (07:09)
06. Far Gone Blues (04:25)
07. Eyes Of The World > (13:07)
08. The Freeze (05:44)
09. Sand > (11:03)
10. Ozone Blues (04:52)

-Set 2- (36:41)
01. Brown Eyed Women (05:25)
02. Englishtown > (08:51)
03. Not Fade Away > (05:45)
04. Victim Of The Rhythm (06:04)
05. Suzy Greenberg (05:45)
06. Queen Lucille (04:48)


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