JLB @ Hotel Chelsea 06.17.14

The JLB returns to the Virtual Hotel Cheslea on a warm Tuesday night for a “spirited” show full of surprises and wild jams.

Things get off to a slow start, as the band tries to iron out technical issues during the “Ozone” opener. But they quickly settle in with a nearly fifteen minute “Ghost” featuring some nice jamming, and continue the Phishy fun by launching into the VU tune “Rock and Roll.” Not content to let the music stop, the band finds their way into a surprise debut for JLB, the Grateful Dead’s “Playing In The Band.” They couple it with a Luckless original “Listen To The Angels.”

After a short breath (the two set show turned into one long set due to technical delays), the band launches into another of their originals, the JLB classic “Victim Of The Rhythm,” busting out a thirteen minute version. The show wraps up with a short bit of “Dirt” paired abruptly with “SILWU” and the requisite “Playing Reprise” tacked on for good measure.

A wild little show from the band that loves to keep on jammin. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 06.17.14

-Set 1- (68:36)
01. Ozone Blues (07:19)
02. Ghost > (14:42)
03. Rock And Roll > (09:15)
04. Playing In The Band > (06:08)
05. Listen To The Angels (05:19)
06. Victim Of The Rhythm (13:08)
07. Dirt > (03:05)
08. Still In Luv With U > (06:42)
09. Playing Reprise (02:55)


2 thoughts on “JLB @ Hotel Chelsea 06.17.14

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