JLB @ The Blarney Stone 02.20.14

The Jed Luckless Band returns to virtual Dublin and rocks The Blarney Stone with an evening of live rock & roll.

It’s a short show by JLB standards, due to some technical difficulties at Stramland studios, which luckily don’t show up on the tape. But it’s a show that packs a wallop, focusing on original material and extended jams.

First set is a “Saw Mill River” sandwich and features over forty minutes of original JLB music, including some nice exploratory jamming in “Sugar Pop” and “Victim Of The Rhythm.” An energetic “Ozone Blues” features some fun intro narration from Jed.

The second set opens with one of only two cover tunes in the show, the Trey Anastasio and Phish instrumental “First Tube” but then goes right back to JLB originals, with the live debut of a Jed Luckless original “Listen To The Angels,” followed by two more Jed-riginals. A nod to the Grateful Dead shows up with “Franklin’s Tower,” which features a nice long jam before wrapping up the show on a bluesy note with “Far Gone Blues.”

Another fun show at the Blarney with a packed house and a couple high energy sets from the JLB…enjoy! 🙂

Jed Luckless Band 02.20.14

-Set 1- (43:49)
01. Saw Mill River > (10:16)
02. The Freeze (05:12)
03. Ozone Blues (05:28)
04. Sugar Pop > (10:28)
05. Victim Of The Rhythm > (09:06)
06. SMR Reprise (03:16)

-Set 2- (39:14)
01. First Tube (06:40)
02. Listen To The Angels (05:10)
03. Still In Luv With U (04:36)
04. Celebrate Instead (07:45)
05. Franklin’s Tower > (10:11)
06. Far Gone Blues (04:49)


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