JLB @ Hotel Chelsea 03.04.14

The Jed Luckless Band celebrates Fat Tuesday in Bohemia! JLB returns once again to the historic Secondlife music venue, Hotel Chelsea, lighting it up with a night of Mardi Gras fun! A great crowd brings great energy to the show, which includes many fun tunes, a few debuts and some tasty jams.

The first set kicks off with this winter’s big hit, “The Freeze” (which was good news for those playing in the JLB March Madness contest!). The Gutenplan tune “Englishtown,” which tells the story of Mark’s first Grateful Dead show, is paired nicely here with the Dylan tune “She Belongs To Me,” a rare cover not played often by the band. The Kaufman original “Saw Mill River” runs through the middle of the set, and the new-ish JLB original “Listen To The Angels” makes it’s second appearance. A nice Phish combo wraps up the set with “Rock And Roll” into “Suzy Greenberg.”

Second Set gets the bon temps roulet with “Dancing In The Streets” paired with “Iko Iko,” a debut cover for the band. The rest of the set is original heavy, including the nostalgic “FM Rock,” the middle eastern themed “Valley Of The Saints,” and the debut of a Jed Luckless original called “By and Bye.”

The show wraps up with another Dylan tune, the crowd pleaser “Mighty Quinn.” A pleaser of a show all around, with many fun moments, lots of cool jams and a Mardi Gras vibe throughout. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 03.04.14

-Set 1- (54:14)
01. The Freeze (06:42)
02. Englishtown > (09:33)
03. She Belongs To Me (06:52)
04. Saw Mill River (06:07)
05. Listen To The Angels (05:24)
06. Rock And Roll > (13:11)
07. Suzy Greenberg (06:22)

-Set 2- (42:19)
01. Dancing In The Streets > (11:16)
02. Iko Iko (05:52)
03. Queen Lucille (04:33)
04. FM Rock (02:58)
05. Valley Of The Saints (05:51)
06. By And Bye (05:19)
07. The Mighty Quinn (06:26)


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