JLB @ Maxfield’s 01.25.14

The Jed Luckless Band makes their New Jersey debut at Maxfield’s in Boonton, NJ and welcomes the crowd who braved the elements with a hot and lengthy rock and roll show full of Dead, Phish, rock classics and original JLB tunes.

The show kicks off appropriately with “The Freeze” and heats up quickly with a “Rock And Roll” and “Dear Prudence” combination. The Grateful Dead’s “Loser” gets a nice mid-set treatment, and Phish heads are given their due with a “Ghost” and “Bouncing” twofer. The JLB original “Englishtown” goes over well in the Jersey locale, with a hot jam and “Rider” attached. Another steamy jam closes the second set between The Talking Head song “Cities” and the Luckless original “Sugar Pop.”

A sizzling “Shakedown Street” opens the second set, followed by a pair of JLB originals “STILWU” and “Road Trip.” The band lets loose on one of their favorite Phish pairings, “Sand” into “Dirt” and also delivers a potent jam in “Sneaking Sally.” The Jed-riginal “Far Gone Blues” makes a solid appearance and the band leaves everyone on a high note with the Dead’s “Deal.”

A hot show from JLB to warm you up on a cold winter night. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 01.25.14

-Set 1- (85:49)
01. The Freeze (06:00)
02. Brown Eyed Women (05:10)
03. Rock And Roll > (09:20)
04. Dear Prudence (05:36)
05. Victim Of The Rhythm (06:43)
06. Loser (08:16)
07. Ghost > (09:56)
08. Bouncing Around The Room (05:33)
09. Englishtown > (08:27)
10. I Know You Rider (05:28)
11. Cities > (09:38)
12. Sugar Pop (05:36)

-Set 2- (59:14)
01. Shakedown Street (15:13)
02. Still In Luv With U (04:17)
03. Road Trip (06:32)
04. Sand > (10:07)
05. Dirt (03:59)
06. Far Gone Blues (04:16)
07. Sneaking Sally Through The Alley > (08:07)
08. Deal (06:38)

JLB @ Maxfields 01.25.14

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