JLB @ August West Amphitheater 03.29.13

JLB closes out their 2013 winter tour on home turf, delivering this tight show of favorite tunes and tasty jams to a packed house at August West Amphitheater on Darkstar in Secondlife.

The classic Jed tune “The Freeze” opens the show, a perfect opener on this thawing Spring night. A nice “Sand” and “Loser” combo follows with a sweet jam that is only slightly interrupted by Strambo’s little one joining the studio audience (past his bedtime). The new JLB tune “Sugar Pop” makes another appearance here, and the band continues to use “Saw Mill River” to sandwich a tune, in this case the rarely covered “Space Oddity.” Speaking of rare, Jed breaks out his electric Epiphone for a few tunes, which is not typically done at Stramland, and it sounds sweet.

Second set starts off with the Trey Anastasio tune “Alaksa,” featuring a nice jam into a strong version of the Grateful Dead tune “Bertha.” Jed delivers a nice guitar solo and his instrumental “Meredith,” coupled with a nice uptempo “Dear Prudence.” The new Mark Gutenplan tune “FM Rock” also shows itself again this show, and the set wraps up with a powerful “Shakedown Street” jam and the JLB original “Queen Lucille.”

A fun show with home field advantage giving JLB the edge! Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 03.29.13

-Set 1- (43:18)
01. The Freeze                        (05:40)
02. Sand >                        (08:28)
03. Loser                        (07:35)
04. Sugar Pop                        (04:25)
05. Saw Mill River >                    (04:53)
06. Space Oddity >                    (05:50)
07. Saw Mill Reprise                    (01:44)
08. Still In Luv With U                    (04:39)

-Set 2- (51:53)
01. Alaska >                        (09:40)
02. Bertha                        (05:39)
03. Meredith >                        (03:01)
04. Dear Prudence                    (06:01)
05. FM Rock                        (03:29)
06. El Paso                        (05:17)
07. Shakedown Street >                    (13:36)
08. Queen Lucille                    (05:07)