JLB @ Beach House Cafe 03.16.13

This is one for the history books. After eight years of live music, the Beach House Cafe in Greenwich, CT announced they would no longer have live bands at the venue. Beach House is one of the Jed Luckless Band’s favorite venues, the band having played half a dozen shows there. This is the final show the JLB would play at the cafe, and although you can sense the foreboding in the air, the boys don’t disappoint a crowd eager to rock for St. Patty’s day weekend.

The show starts off with “Shakedown Street,” and its appropriate message “don’t tell me this town aint got no heart.” A nice jam leads to the Trey Anastasio tune “Alaska” a recent addition to the JLB playlist, which also features a nice jam into the original tune “Queen Lucille.” The band takes a breath before delivering a powerful “VOTR > Eyes” combination. Set I wraps up with a couple Phishy covers.

Second set opens with the live debut of a Jed Luckless original called “Sugar Pop,” which will get people on their feet and features a middle jam section with alot of potential. A version of Phish’s “Ghost” with a very nice extended jam follows, paired with the JLB original “Ozone Blues.”  The centerpiece of the set is the Kenny Kaufman original “Saw Mill River” with the Jed original “The Freeze” sandwiched in the middle jam portion. The set finishes up with a nice “Ramble On Rose,” the JLB tune “Still in Luv With U” and a rockin “After Midnight.”

A bittersweet evening at the Beach House and a show with some very nice jams and tune pairings. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 03.16.13

-Set 1- (62:23)
01. Shakedown Street >                    (10:03)
02. Alaska >                        (08:35)
03. Queen Lucille                    (04:41)
04. Brown Eyed Women                    (05:06)
05. Victim Of The Rhythm >                (08:20)
06. Eyes Of The World >                    (08:39)
07. Road Trip                        (06:39)
08. Sneakin Sally Through The Alley            (05:02)
09. Suzy Greenberg                    (05:24)

-Set 2- (49:53)
01. Sugar Pop                        (04:59)
02. Ghost >                        (09:53)
03. Ozone Blues                        (05:31)
04. Saw Mill River >                    (04:19)
05. The Freeze >                    (05:24)
06. Saw Mill River                    (02:48)
07. Ramble On Rose                    (07:40)
08. Still In Luv With U                    (04:19)
09. After Midnight                    (04:55)