JLB @ The Blarney Stone 04.25.13

The Jed Luckless Band kicks off their 2013 Spring Tour with a virtual show in Secondlife, at The Blarney Stone, which as always was jam packed with a crowd of fifty people anxiously awaiting a rock and roll show. And JLB delivers as always, with a mix of Grateful Dead, Phish and original tunes, including several debuts for the band!

First set starts off with the time tested JLB single “Still In Luv With U,” but here they serve up a nice slow groove version of it. The fun begins to escalate with a pairing of Phish’s “Bouncing” with the Dead’s “Bertha.” The band debuts a new instrumental song “Valley Of The Saints,” and delivers a nice version of their poignant “Smile Forever.” But the centerpiece of the set, and possibly the show, is a twenty minute “Franklin’s Tower” and “Deal” combo which features some highly groovy jams from the boys.

Second set features several new and recent JLB originals, including the funky “Sugar Pop,” a bouncy blues number from Jed called “Far Gone Blues,” and the blazing Phish instrumental “First Tube.” A grungy version of Moe’s “Happy Hour Hero,” and the popular Mark Gutenplan pairing of “Englishtown” and “Rider” close out an energetic show which brings the proimise of a rockin’ spring with JLB. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 04.25.13

-Set 1- (54:11)
01. Still In Luv With U                    (04:55)
02. Bouncing Around The Room                (07:03)
03. Bertha                        (05:18)
04. Valley Of The Saints                (05:05)
05. Franklin’s Tower >                    (13:42)
06. Deal                        (06:51)
07. Smile Forever                    (06:04)
08. Character Zero                    (05:10)

-Set 2- (40:33)
01. Sugar Pop                        (05:01)
02. Saw Mill River                    (05:11)
03. Far Gone Blues                    (05:38)
04. First Tube >                    (06:37)
05. Happy Hour Hero                    (07:53)
06. Englishtown >                    (03:47)
07. I Know You Rider                     (06:23)