JLB @ Dudley’s 03.02.13

The Jed Luckless Band Winter Tour 2013 continues, onto a new venue for the fellas, Dudley’s Parkview Lounge in New Rochelle, NY. JLB does not disappoint the Dudley’s crowd, delivering a super long show full of sweet jams and great Dead and Phish tunes.

First set kicks off with the JLB original “Ozone Blues,” its story of a sweltering Earth a bit out of place on this snowy night, but nonetheless a great way to ease into the set. The Dead tunes make an appearance early with “Brown Eyed Women,” and the band is nicely warmed up by the time they hit a sweet “Cities” and “Sugaree” mid set combo. The more appropriate original “The Freeze” makes a strong showing, but the set ends on a Phishy note, with a fun “Bouncing Around The Room,” an energetic “Character Zero,” and a “Sneakin Sally” with a real nice jam to close out the set.

At over ninety minutes long, the second set is probably the longest set JLB has played live to date, and it packs in a bunch of favorites and a number of nice jams. Set two kicks off with a Lou Reed birthday tribute “Rock and Roll” paired with its familiar “Still In Luv With U” companion. Things really take off with an eighteen minute VOTR-Eyes twofer, which continues into the popular JLB combo “Sand>Dirt”. As if this wasn’t enough, the boys roll right into fourteen minutes of “Shakedown Street” and the Neil Young penned “Ohio.”

The rest of the show features several Dead tunes and originals, and wraps up with fun “Gumbo” encore after a long night of great tunes with good peeps. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 03.02.13

-Set 1- (63:22)
01. Ozone Blues                        (05:09)
02. Brown Eyed Women                    (05:21)
03. Cities >                        (08:14)
04. Sugaree                        (07:54)
05. The Freeze                        (05:35)
06. Jack Straw                        (06:00)
07. Bouncing Around The Room                (06:02)
08. Character Zero                    (05:11)
09. Queen Lucille                    (04:46)
10. Sneakin Sally Through The Alley            (09:06)

-Set 2- (94:44)
01. Rock And Roll >                    (08:23)
02. Still In Luv With You                (03:46)
03. Road Trip                        (06:53)
04. Victim Of The Rhythm >                (07:28)
05. Eyes Of The World >                    (10:10)
06. Sand >                        (08:08)
07. Dirt                        (04:36)
08. Shakedown Street >                    (09:41)
09. Ohio                        (05:15)
10. Saw Mill River                    (04:37)
11. Bertha                        (06:15)
12. Ramble On Rose                    (06:52)
13. After Midnight                    (07:36)
14. Gumbo                        (04:57)