JLB @ The Bayou 11.16.12

After a long break, JLB returns to the stage at The Bayou in Mount Vernon, NY, delivering a tasty show of originals, covers, and free Twinkies!

First set is spongy and mellow, starting off with an appropriate “Freeze” on a cold November night. “Jack Straw” and “Bouncing” offer a nice Dead Phish combo, but continue the mellow vibe, followed by the folksy Luckless original “Geneva Sue.” The set kicks up a notch with a nice “Sally” jam into the Gutenplan tune “Road Trip” and a fiery “Ozone” set closer.

Second set takes the energy level up another notch, opening with an energetic “Rock And Roll”>”SILWU” combo, a regular pairing for the band. A creamy filled “Sand” leads into an uncommon “Englishtown”>”El Paso” combo dedicated to Mark. VOTR includes a fun Zeppelin tease, but the energy dissipates quickly into the soulful “Celebrate Instead.” The band’s catchy blues tune “Queen Lucille” wraps it up.

Great to have the band back for this golden cakey show, complete with tribute to Twinkies! Enjoy ūüôā

Jed Luckless Band 11.16.12

-Set 1- (50:55)
01. The Freeze                        (06:55)
02. Jack Straw >                    (05:53)
03. Bouncing Around The Room                (05:47)
04. Geneva Sue                        (03:31)
05. Saw Mill River                    (06:15)
06. Sneakin Sally Through The Alley >            (08:47)
07. Road Trip >                        (07:33)
08. Ozone Blues                        (06:11)

-Set 2- (53:08)
01. Rock And Roll >                    (09:09)
02. Still In Luv With U                    (04:24)
03. Sand >                        (08:32)
04. Englishtown    >                    (04:43)
05. El Paso                        (05:58)
06. Victim Of The Rhythm >                (07:47)
07. Celebrate Instead                    (07:18)
08. Queen Lucille                    (05:12)