JLB @ August West Amphitheater 11.21.12

The Jed Luckless Band returns to the virtual stage at Darkstar and cranks out a pre-Thanksgiving show chock full of tasty morsels!

The show starts off right, with a nice “Shakedown Street” and jam into “Queen Lucille.” The band loses Stram on drums for a song, but improvises with a quick and fun “Geneva Sue.”

Stramland is the the band’s home turf and despite the Stramsanity of the evening, the band is comfortable enough to take chances – some of which work better than others. The band’s debut attempt at the Phish tune “Twist” is not their best effort and is hampered by technical issues. But a first showing of the Grateful Dead’s “Ramble On Rose” is very nice and a welcome addition to the roster.

The band settles in about half way through first set, delivering JLB originals “The Freeze” and “VOTR” and an extended and energetic “Suzy Greenberg” set closer for the Phish fans. Second set opens with a poignant band version of “Meredith,” and features some nice jams in “Eyes” and “Cities.”

Good to have JLB back at August West! A fun pre-holiday show worth a listen…enjoy ūüôā

Jed Luckless Band 11.21.12

-Set 1- (52:52)
01. Shakedown Street >                    (12:28)
02. Queen Lucille                    (05:09)
03. Geneva Sue                        (03:58)
04. Twist                        (06:01)
05. The Freeze                        (06:15)
06. Brown Eyed Women                    (05:47)
07. Victim Of The Rhythm                (06:46)
08. Suzy Greenberg                    (06:15)

-Set 2- (54:14)
01. Meredith >                        (03:01)
02. Ramble On A Rose                    (07:46)
03. Eyes Of The World >                    (12:17)
04. Going On A Road Trip >                (07:57)
05. Sugaree                        (08:30)
06. Cities >                        (08:51)
07. Ozone Blues                        (05:49)