JLB @ Beach House Cafe 09.08.12

The Jed Luckless Band wraps up their summer tour with one more Saturday night at the Beach House in Greenwich, CT, delviering their usual high energy punch of catchy original tunes, Dead and Phish covers and improv jamming.

The show kicks off loudly, with the JLB pop original “Still In Luv With U” and it takes the boys a few songs to find their sound, using a long “Victim” to do so. A strong mid set “Gumbo”/”Sugaree” combo really lifts off and from there on in the band is rockin. The CSN&Y tune “Ohio” gets a nice long treatment, and a few Mark Gutenplan tunes make their way into the set, including the poignant “The Rally,” the band’s tribute to 9|11.

Second set explodes with a fiery “Sand/Ozone” combo, fast becoming a regular pairing for the band. Deadheads are obliged with an “Eyes of THe World” that features some wicked riffing that makes it’s way into a “Not Fade Away” Pig Pin McKernan tribute.

Sadly the power cut off at that point and the last two tunes were lost. But even without the big finale, this a fun show with some tight jamming that is definitely worth a listen. Enjoy! ūüôā

Jed Luckless Band 09.08.12

-Set 1- (64:33)
01. Still In Luv With U                    (04:18)
02. Brown Eyed Women                    (05:13)
03. Victim Of The Rhythm                (08:36)
04. Gumbo >                        (04:44)
05. Sugaree                        (11:23)
06. Queen Lucille                    (05:20)
07. Remember This Night                    (06:22)
08. Ohio                        (08:05)
09. The Rally                        (05:01)
10. After Midnight                    (05:26)

-Set 2- (35:16)
01. Sand >                        (10:17)
02. Ozone Blues                        (05:09)
03. Eyes Of The World >                    (13:33)
04. Not Fade Away                    (06:15)
05. Celebrate Instead                    *
06. U.S. Blues                        *