JLB @ The Bayou 09.30.11

The Jed Luckless Band
The Bayou, Mount Vernon, NY

The Jed Luckless Band returns to The Bayou and delivers another great rock & roll show. This is truly an “audience” recording, and you can hear what a great time the crowd is having.

The band is obviosuly having fun too, opening the show with a brand new original “Still In Luv With U” and following it with a rocking first set that includes a very nice “Smile Forver,” a first time attempt at Phish’s BOTT and an energetic Franklin’s closer.

Second set heats up, delivering a solid Ozone Blues, a spacey Ghost jam, a Psycho Killer bust out for the crowd, and an extrememly high energy “Suzy Greenberg” show ender.

Another super fun show from the JLB! Enjoy 🙂

Jed Luckless Band 09.30.11

-Set 1-
01. Still In Luv With You (04:18)
02. Brown Eyed Women  (05:15)
03. Sneakin Sally Through The Alley (06:35)
04. Saw Mill River > (05:34)
05. Smile Forever (06:35)
06. Get Back On The Train > (07:53)
07. Victim Of The Rhythm (06:20)
08. Franklin’s Tower (09:40)

-Set 2-
01. Remember This Night (07:22)
02. Ozone Blues > (04:37)
03. Ghost (08:52)
04. Queen Lucille (03:52)
05. Psycho Killer > (06:25)
06. Dear Mr. Fantasy (05:52)
07. Geneva Sue (03:23)
08. The Freeze (06:20)
09. Suzy Greenberg (05:57)