JLB @ Darkstar 10.26.11

The Jed Luckless Band
Jammin Jed’s Halloween Circus
Darkstar (SL)

It’s Jammin Jed’s Halloween Circus! The third annual halloween show from Jed Luckless. This year he brings along The Jed Luckless Band for the ride. Well, the JLB Trio, since they were without their bass player Ken.

But no worries, Mark G. fills in on keys, bass and vocals and even Stram gets in on the singing fun. The trio holds up incredibly well and gives the crowd of clowns and animals a jam filled show with the classic JLB sound.

First set features a nice “BOTT” jam into “VOTR”, and a super fun “Scent of A Mule” with story by Jed and a vocal sandwich from Mark. The second set has a few nice solo Jed moments, including an abbreviated version of Phish’s “Horse”. Mark belts out “Little Red Rooster” while Jed makes good use of his slide. The set’s jam comes in a nice “Rock and Roll” with mark on bass duties, into an appropriate Halloween “Ghost.” The show wraps up with a bouncy “Mighty Quinn” from the band and the obligatory “Pumpkin Song” from Jed.

A fun Halloween party and a great performance by the JLB Trio! Enjoy 🙂

Jed Luckless Band 10.26.11

-Set 1-
01. Get Back On The Train > (07:25)
02. Victim Of The Rhythm (06:24)
03. Intro (00:44)
04. The Freeze (06:07)
05. Scent Of A Mule > Dear Mr. Fantasy > SoaM (14:15)
06. Ozone Blues (04:58)

-Set 2-
01. When The Circus Comes To Town (03:43)
02. Queen Lucille (04:17)
03. Little Red Rooster (06:03)
04. Bouncing Around The Room (06:36)
05. Geneva Sue (03:12)
06. Rock And Roll > (08:28)
07. Ghost (05:36)
08. Sunlight (05:31)
09. The Mighty Quinn (07:19)
10. Horse > (02:22)
11. The Pumpkin Song (04:11)