JLB @ Moonacy 09.22.11

The Jed Luckless Band
Moonacy (SL)

From The Jed Luckless Band’s show at Moonacy, which was simulcast on Indie Spectrum Radio.

Due to an unfortunate malfunction, most of the show was lost to the ages. A shame, since many of the sweet jams were in the first half of the set, including a hot VOTR opener and a Saw Mill River jam with a surprise Dazed and Confused quote.

What *is* available on tape and provided for your listening pleasure here are the last three songs from the show AND two hot sound check jams 🙂

The jams are nicely uninhibited and rockin, which is why we love sound check tapes! As for the show, “Geneva Sue” is a fun newer tune, but not the JLB’s best attempt here. However, they do deliver a strong “Smile Forever” and a rocked out “Ozone” closer. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 09.22.11

-Set 1-
01. Soundcheck Jam I (07:23)
02. Soundcheck Jam II (07:29)
03. Geneva Sue (04:33)
04. Smile Forever (06:28)
05. Ozone Blues (05:26