JLB @ August West Amphitheater 05.24.17

The Jed Luckless Band returns to their home stadium for some Friday night lights at August West Amphitheater. JLB and Particle Tom deliver for the home fans, with a wild array of sound and vision at Darkstar!

The opener sets the tone, a brisk “Alaska” from Phish with a nice jam right out of  the gate and a segue into some Grateful Dead with “Bertha.” ANother Dead tune, “Brown Eyed Women,” provides one of the hot jams of the night, into the JLB original “Victim of the Rhythm.”

Second set highlights include a hot “Cities” jam into the new JLB original “Sugar Pop,” and a rockin’ version of moe’s “Happy Hour Hero.” The boys wrap up the evening with a tribute to Bob Dylan on his birthday with “All Along The Watchtower.” Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 05.24.17

-Set 1- (55:42)
01. Alaska >                        (09:08)
02. Bertha                        (06:09)
03. Far Gone Blues                    (04:26)
04. Geneva Sue                        (03:04)
05. Brown Eyed Women >                    (08:05)
06. Victim Of The Rhythm                (07:17)
07. Remember This Night >                (06:03)
08. Dirt                        (04:49)
09. Character Zero                    (06:38)

-Set 2- (45:11)
01. Queen Lucille                    (04:15)
02. Bouncing Around The Room                (06:34)
03. Cities >                        (08:53)
04. Sugar Pop                        (04:37)
05. Happy Hour Hero                    (08:33)
06. Sand >                        (05:51)
07. All Along The Watchtower                (06:24)