JLB @ The Bayou 05.17.13

The Jed Luckless Band is back at the Bayou and the fellas deliver a deliciously spicy show full of Phish, Dead and fresh baked JLB originals!

The show opens with a new Phish addition to the JLB repetoire, the explosive Trey instrumental “First Tube,” which flows nicely into the JLB original “Ozone Blues.” The Kenny Kaufman tune “Saw Mill River,” always a favorite at this local venue, gets a special Zeppelin treatment with a nice “How Many More Times” tease. The first set features two nice jams, one joining a silky “Ghost” to a raw “Loser,” and the other sandwiched between “Sneakin Sally” and the Mark G. tune “Road Trip.” First set wraps up with the JLB popster “SILWU.”

Second set opens with an “of the” medley, stringing together “Victim Of the Rhythm,” “Eyes of the world,” and “Valley of the Saints” with some nice jamming along the way. A rockin’ “Character Zero” follows, along with a nice new blues original from the band called “Far Gone Blues.” Things wrap up with “FM Rock,” an “El Paso” request from the crowd and a “Suzy Greenberg” finale.

Another fun show at a venue the JLB clearly loves to play, surrounded by friends, friendly folks and fried chicken. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 05.17.13

-Set 1- (59:33)
01. First Tube >                    (06:17)
02. Ozone Blues                        (04:49)
03. Saw Mill River                    (06:21)
04. Jack Straw                        (06:51)
05. Ghost >                        (09:21)
06. Loser                        (08:03)
07. Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley >            (07:48)
08. Road Trip                        (06:00)
09. Still In Luv With U                    (03:59)

-Set 2- (45:04)
01. Victim Of The Rhythm >                (08:11)
02. Eyes Of The World >                    (08:56)
03. Valley Of The Saints                (02:58)
04. Character Zero                    (04:56)
05. Far Gone Blues                    (03:51)
06. FM Rock                        (04:36)
07. El Paso                        (05:32)
08. Suzy Greenberg                    (05:59)