JLB @ The Bayou 02.01.13

The Jed Luckless Band Winter Tour 2013 continues at The Bayou in Mount Vernon, NY, a favorite local venue for the fellas and home of the best Cajun cookin east of the Hudson River!

The show opens with an appropriate original on this cold night, “The Freeze” but the place quickly warms up with a nicely jammed out “Eyes of The World” for the Dead Heads at the bar (they also get a nice mid set “Bertha” delivered). The high point of the set is a nicely jammed version of Moe’s “Happy Hour Hero.”

Second set caters a bit more to the Phish heads in the crowd, featuring an extended “Rock and Roll” opener and yet another jam-incarnation of the JLB’s “Sand” and “Dirt” combo. The Deadheads do get a nice Ramble On Rose, and the set is rounded out with a couple JLB originals.

A roller coaster of a show with some great highs! Enjoy ūüôā

Jed Luckless Band 02.01.13

-Set 1- (53:55)
01. The Freeze                        (05:29)
02. Eyes Of The World >                    (11:08)
03. Victim Of The Rhythm                (05:41)
04. Bouncing Around The Room                (05:39)
05. Bertha                        (06:19)
06. Road Trip                        (06:25)
07. Happy Hour Hero                    (08:38)
08. Still In Luv With U                    (04:33)

-Set 2- (41:37)
01. Rock And Roll                    (07:46)
02. Saw Mill River                    (06:08)
03. Sand >                        (08:11)
04. Dirt                        (04:24)
05. Englishtown >                    (04:40)
06. Ramble On Rose                    (05:45)
07. Queen Lucille                    (04:39)