JLB @ Beach House Cafe 07.28.12

The Jed Luckless Band
Beach House Cafe
Greenwich, CT

The Jed Luckless Band is back at the Beach House in Greenwich, CT. A rainy night didn’t keep the crowd from coming out to dance, and JLB gets ’em going with a mix of Dead, Phish and original tunes.

The dancefloor fills right off the bat, with the “Rock and Roll” opener, and JLB keeps it going with their original “Queen Lucille” and the Phish covered “Gumbo.” Dead heads get their fill with a jammed out “Fire On The Mountain” and a rare Kenny Kaufman led “El Paso.” JLB originals “Saw Mill River” and “Victim of the Rhythm” hold down the middle of the set with some nice jamming from the fellas.

Set two kicks off with the recent addition to the JLB rotation, the Phish tune “Sand.” JLB delivers a laid back version here, before busting out the CSNY tune “Ohio” for the first time (it had been soundchecked at AW a few weeks ago).

A nice long “Eyes Of The World” is the centerpiece of a thirty minute combo with the JLB tunes “Going on A Road Trip” and “The Freeze” to close out the show.

Another fun night at the Beach House with JLB! Enjoy ūüôā

Jed Luckless Band 07.28.12

-Set 1- (66:14)
01. Rock And Roll                    (09:46)
02. Queen Lucille                    (04:15)
03. Gumbo >                        (04:55)
04. Fire On The Mountain                (12:49)
05. Geneva Sue                        (03:44)
06. Saw Mill River >                    (07:29)
07. Victim Of The Rhythm >                (07:19)
08. Englishtown >                    (04:48)
09. El Paso                        (05:49)
10. Ozone Blues                        (05:14)

-Set 2- (58:21)
01. Sand                        (09:42)
02. Ohio >                        (08:02)
03. Still In Luv With U                    (04:21)
04. Smile Forever                    (06:29)
05. Going On A Road Trip >                (08:51)
06. Eyes Of The World >                    (13:15)
07. The Freeze                        (07:39)