JLB @ Hotel Chelsea 02.18.12

The Jed Luckless Band
Hotel Chelsea (SL)

The Jed Luckless Band rocks Hotel Chelsea in Secondlife on a Saturday night!

A short first set features JLB Trio, with Mark G. doing an excellent job filling in on bass for Colorful K-Man. A fun SILWU opener gets the party started, and the trio settles in with a nice Englishtown jam and a beautiful She Belongs To Me tribute. A rare rockin’ Ozone segue jam and a fun Franklin’s round out the set.

K-man joins the band for second set, and the band starts off with a warm up jam to ease into the set. A powerful Freeze is followed by a nice Eyes jam and the return of Smile Forever which hasn’t been in the set for a while. A variety of Grateful Dead and original tunes round out the set, which wraps up with a killer Victim Of The Rhythm. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 02.18.12

-Set 1- (42:28)
01. Still In Luv With U  (09:53)
02. Englishtown >  (07:13)
03. She Belongs To Me  (07:02)
04. Bertha  (05:44)
05. Ozone Blues >  (07:10)
06. Franklin’s Tower  (05:23)

-Set 2- (63:00)
01. Intro Jam >  (03:07)
02. The Freeze  (05:53)
03. Eyes Of The World >  (11:50)
04. Smile Forever  (06:01)
05. Saw Mill River  (04:54)
06. Queen Lucille  (04:28)
07. Geneva Sue  (03:42)
08. Sugaree (09:02)
09. Victim Of The Rhythm (08:47)
10. Deal (06:12)