JLB @ August West Amphitheater 02.01.12

The Jed Luckless Band
August West Amphitheater (SL)

The JLB returns to Secondlife with a rocking show at August West Amphitheater. It’s hard to tell the boys have been on hiatus, ‘cos they deliver some tasty jams, choice originals and a bunch of fun covers.

The band launches energetically into SILWU to open the show, then settles into a song based short first set. The execption is the Phish tune “Nothing” which the boys jam out nicely.

Second set provides more of the jamminess we know and love from JLB, as they kick it off with an eleven minute VOTR. “Runaway Jim” packs a nice jam punch, and the Kenny original “Saw Mill River” also has a sweet middle jam piece. The 2112 homage is fun and a couple of energetic tunes wrap up the evening!

A great return to the AW stage from JLB! Welcome back! Enjoy ūüôā

Jed Luckless Band 02.01.12

-Set 1-  (44:27)
01. Still In Luv With U  (06:02)
02. Dear Prudence  (06:48)
03. Brown Eyed Women  (05:04)
04. The Freeze  (06:57)
05. Nothing >  (08:04)
06. Cosmic Charlie  (06:54)
07. Queen Lucille  (04:36)

-Set 2- (64:41)
01. Victim Of The Rhythm >  (11:19)
02. Celebrate Instead  (06:47)
03. Runaway Jim >  (10:55)
04. Englishtown >  (05:18)
05. I Know You Rider  (08:53)
06. Saw Mill River >  (05:59)
07. Temples Of Syrinx  (02:57)
08. Suzy Greenberg  (05:53)
09. Ozone Blues  (06:36)