JLB @ The Bayou 06.04.11

The Jed Luckless Band
The Bayou, Mount Vernon, NY

The long anticipated live debut of The Jed Luckless Band, at The Bayou in Mount Vernon, NY. Building on their online shows, Jed and the boys take their act on the road and it does not dissapoint. The classic online sound of the JLB comes alive on the electric stage!

The show kicks off strongly with the Jed Luckless original “The Freeze” and you can hear the boys are ready to jam from the outset. Colorful Ken Kaufman belts out a few fine tunes in the first set, including the Dead’s “Brown Eyed Women” and Phish’s “Gumbo.” The Phish covered VU tune “Rock And Roll” starts off bumpy but then delivers one of the highlights of the first set as the band jams their way into the Beatles classic “Dear Prudence.”

Second set starts off with an excellent “Cities” and a nice long jam into the JLB Dead cover staple “Sugaree.” The second set originals are a mixed bag, with “All At Once” falling a bit short, but “Ozone Blues” delivering a strong rock & roll punch. The “Bouncing Around The Room” jams are quite nice, and the show’s finale combo, Eyes>CDT>Cosmic Charlie provides 25 minutes of jamiliciousness. Not many places you can hear a Chalkdust sandwhich between Eyes and Cosmic Charlie 🙂

The strong live debut wraps up with a tight, rockin “After Midnight.” Jed Luckless and the JLB deliver an awesome debut performance and the promise of jams to come…Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 06.04.11

-Set 1-
01. The Freeze (06:33)
02. Brown Eyed Women (04:53)
03. Rock And Roll-> (07:32)
04. Dear Prudence (06:25)
05. Gumbo (04:36)
06. Jack Straw (06:57)
07. Smile Forever (05:55)
08. Deal (06:12)

-Set 2-
01. Cities-> (08:12)
02. Sugaree (09:48)
03. All At Once (05:27)
04. Bouncing Around The Room (07:24)
05. Ozone Blues (04:44)
06. Eyes Of The World-> (12:31)
07. Chalkdust Torture-> (06:00)
08. Cosmic Charlie (07:06)
09. After Midnight (04:38)