Second Lives

Second Lives

The Jed Luckless Band is pleased to present “Second Lives” featuring music recorded on the band’s 2018 tour of venues in Second Life! This album compiles some of the hottest jams from the tour to give you the feeling of being at a live JLB show. From classics like “Road Trip” and “Smile Forever” to newer songs like “Give It Back” and “2000 Pikes,” there’s something here for everyone. The album also includes the first official releases of fan favorites like “Sugar Pop” and “FM Rock.”

The album will be released in November, but you can Pre-order “Second Lives” during the JLB 2022 Fall Tour and you’ll receive a band signed CD (for just $9.99 + $6.95 shipping).

Track Info:

  1. “Give It Back > Valley Of The Saints” (14:42) – recorded 9/25/18 at Dark Star, SL
  2. “Road Trip > Sugar Pop” (21:03) – recorded 10/2/18 at Panorama, SL
  3. “2000 Pikes > Smile Forever” (14:43) – recorded 10/2/18 at Panorama, SL
  4. “FM Rock > By And Bye” (11:44) – recorded 9/20/18 at The Mumbling Goat, SL

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