JLB @ The Bayou 03.28.14

JLB is back at The Bayou, as part of their 2014 March Madness tour, delivering a solid show on a rainy night with half the band feeling under the weather.

The show starts off Kenny strong, with the local favorite “Saw Mill River,” and revs up quickly on the jam front with an extended version of the Trey Anastasio tune “Alaska.” The first set features a couple Dead tunes, the peppy JLB original “Sugar Pop” and a jammy band favorite, “Sand” to take things to set break.

With K-Man’s condition worsening, the band manages to put together a hot, but short second set, opening with with a strong version of the band’s tune “Victim of the Rhythm,” followed by a nearly thrity minute stretch of rock covers, including the Dead’s “Fire On The Mountain.” The heat must’ve been too much for the bass player, since Ken unfortunately bows out before the last tune of the night.

But in true JLB style, the boys carry on, with Mark picking up the bass and closing out the night with “Dear Mr. Fantasy.” A fun show with a vibe all its own. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless Band 03.28.14

-Set 1- (61:00)
01. Saw Mill River (05:24)
02. Alaska > (13:26)
03. Geneva Sue (03:50)
04. Loser (07:59)
05. Sugar Pop (06:51)
06. Franklin’s Tower > (12:33)
07. Sand (10:52)

-Set 2- (45:45)
01. Victim Of The Rhythm (07:58)
02. Rock And Roll > (12:29)
03. Cities > (09:52)
04. Fire On The Mountain (10:01)
05. Dear Mr. Fantasy (05:24)


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